Meet the Kittens

Swing Kittens

The Swing Kittens are an upbeat swing vocal trio hailing from Orange County, California. Comprised of Nicole Kubis, Kaley Griffith, and Nicole Perreira, The Swing Kittens specialize in tight vocal harmonies and give a youthful spin on heartwarming classics from the ’40s and ’50s. With cheerful choreography and an energetic presence, The Swing Kittens perform favorites by The Andrews Sisters, The McGuire Sisters, and many others from the Golden Era of music.

The Swing Kittens have performed all over Southern California with their partners, the Swing Cats Big Band, including Disneyland and the Phoenix Club. They have also been featured artists with the Glenn Miller Orchestra and have toured with them in Hawaii, the Philippines, New Zealand, Australia, and Thailand where they had the honor of performing for the King and Princess of Thailand. Just recently, they were the vocalists for The Billy Vaughn Orchestra tour in Japan.


For even more samples and a complete catalog of music, visit the Swing Kittens website using the button below. You can also find the band’s music on iTunes and CD Baby.

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